Types of Peas: Green peas, chickpeas, Black-eyed pea, White Peas, Yellow Peas, Pigeon Pea, Field Peas and…

Types of beans: Green mung beans, black mung beans, kidney beans, black beans, white beans, Phaba beans, Japanese beans and…

Types of lentils: Red Lentil, Green Lentil, Puy Lentil

Legumes are high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They are also rich in substances called phytonutrients that protects the body from various diseases. Beans are a good source of folate, or vitamin B9, which promotes good fetus growth in pregnant mothers. The glycemic index of these foods is low and is useful for diabetics. In addition, because they reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol (LDL) as well as the level of triglycerides, researchers believe that people who want to reduce the absorption of saturated fats can use legumes such as beans and lentils in place of red meat.

In each country or region, depending on climate, geographical conditions and culture, some types of beans are more popular than others. Beans are used in cooking various foods in different regions. In India and Iran, lentils are consumed with rice. In some Asian countries, chickpea puree with sesame seeds or corn soup is part of the main course. In Iranian cuisine, several types of beans such as kidney beans, peas and lentils are used in cooking. In fact, in every culture, an attempt is made to make the best use of health benefits of beans. Beans are traded in different forms, fresh, dried or even canned. At Favagaro, we have sufficient experience and knowledge about beans and reputable sources of their production around the world, and we meet the needs of our customers.

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