Vaziri Holding company is an International trade and supply chain of grain, oil and livestock feed, producing livestock feed and vegetable oil and manufacturing related machinery and grain storage worldwide. The vision and mission of the company is becoming one of the most reputable international companies in the field of grain industry and to this day is constantly monitoring the market and its competitors and keeping up with the latest technologies used worldwide.

Favagaro International Company is a subsidiary company of Vaziri Holding trading grains, beans, vegetable oil, spices, livestock feed, dry fruits and nuts. Through the company’s branches in Turkey, UAE and Iran we supply high quality products required by customers from the top farms around the world at the best price. 

The company is always looking for the most advanced technologies and procures products from farms that have a planting and harvest process in accordance with international standards.

We, at Favagaro, believe that quality is not an accident. Quality is the outcome of collective and comprehensive efforts based on knowledge, experience and creativity, supported by sufficient resources and tools. 

Diverse products from a vast range of suppliers result in quality products, reasonable prices and customer satisfaction.

We shorten the purchase cycle for our customers, procuring the best products at the least possible time, to deliver them to our customers at the most reasonable price. Just register your order in Favagaro and leave the rest to us.

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