Types of feed: Wheat, Yellow Maze, Corn, Millet seed, Sorghum. Soybean, Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Corn gluten and Sunflower oil cake. Wheat bran

Nutrition is one of the most important issues for animal husbandry. Animal feed is an important input to animal agriculture, and is frequently the main cost of the raising or keeping of animals. Animal wellbeing is highly dependent on feed that reflects a well-balanced nutrition. Proper nutrition ensure the health and maximum efficiency of livestock products. The starting point for the animal feed industry dates back to the nineteenth century when people first realized the importance of processing healthy and balanced products and diets for their livestock. Seeds have an important role in animal nutrition due to their high nutritional value and are usually given to the animals in the form of a mixture or concentrate pellets. The type of the food and ingredients used in feeding depends on the type and breed of livestock, the amount of nutrients needed by the animal body and the physiological characteristics of livestock. The most important grains that can be used in animal feed are: wheat, barley, corn and soy. In addition, the shell of these seeds can be used in the form of bran for feeding purposes.

Oil cakes: A press cake or oil cake is the solids remaining after pressing grains or fruits to extract the oils. Their most common use is in animal feed.  Oil cakes are used in combination with other substances in animal feed. Cotton seeds, soy beans and sunflowers are the most important grains used for their oil cake.

Concentrates (High density substance): Concentrate is a low volume substance with high energy. It has 22% of digestible proteins and consists of different kinds of bulgur, bran, press cake and other forms of supplements. Energy and protein required and dietary restrictions of different types of animals with different characteristics are important in concentrates. For example in preparation of concentrates for poultry, materials with animal origin such as meat and fish powder are used while for cows, materials with herbal origin and press cake are used.

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