Types of wheat: Durum wheat, common wheat, buckwheat and…

Types of flour: semolina flour, bread flour, Pastry and cake Flour and…

Types of rice: short and medium grains (Japonica, Camolina, Rapan, Baldo, Lotto, Calruz, Osmancık), Long grain (white and boiled) (6 IRRI 9 IR64, IR36, IRRI, Jasmine, Fortuna, El Paso, Basmati) and Paddy rice (Rapan, Osmancık, Jupiter, Calruz)

Types of Barley and rye

Types of corn and cornstarch


Grains are small, hard, dry seeds growing on plants from grass family, harvested for human or animal consumption and the staple food of many countries and to a large extent, providing main source of nourishment for the world. Cereals have played a major role in human history and were the foundation of human civilization. Humans are the major consumers of cereals but they are also used to feed livestock and can be turned into various processed foods. The most common cereals produced and consumed are corn, rice and wheat. Wheat and corn are consumed almost equally in the world.

Wheat: Wheat is converted into flour and is a major ingredient in such foods as bread, biscuits and pastry.

Corn: In addition to being used in various foods, corn is used in the production of snacks and is also one of the main ingredientfor the production of livestock feed.

Rice: As a cereal grain, rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia and the West Indies. It is the grain with the second-highest worldwide production. Cereals are rich in complex carbohydrates that provide you with ample energy and help to prevent cancer, constipation, colon disorders, and high blood sugar levels. They also enrich your overall health with abundant proteins, fats, lipids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

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